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CNT-X Technology

CNT-X new generation technology of Carbon Nanotube Cold Cathode X-ray Source is revolutionizing X-ray imaging industry.

Among the various technologies of field emission cathodes, Carbon Nanotube Field-emission (CNT-FE) Cathode X-ray Source has shown the most promising since 2009, but has been very difficult to make it work well and last long. CNT-X has successfully developed new generation imaging system with ultra-low radiation dose, ultra-low power consumption and ultra-high resolution.

 So far, CNTX is the only company that has successfully developed commercialized cold cathode technology, reaching mass production stage, from carbon nanotube materials, to key components, to imaging systems.


Carbon Nanotube for Cold Cathode X-ray Source (Proprietary Technologies and Technical Know-hows)

Imaging Chain (Key Components)

AI Algorithm for Image Reconstruction and Post-Processing (3D Imaging System)

System Based on Hot Cathode Technology VS. System Based on CNT Cold Cathode Technology – Superior in Performance

CNT-X’s Carbon Nanotube Cold Cathode Technology revolutionizes the X-ray imaging industry, leads and accelerates product upgrades, changes the competitive landscape of global marketplace.