Carbon nanotube cold cathode source (underlying technology)

Excellent quality and competitive price

Working closely with trusted parts suppliers by our experienced in-house procurement and QC team, Airay tech can provide products with excellent quality and competitive prices to customers. The device can be registered under the customer’s name in their home country. We can help customers expand their product line of X-ray imaging equipment very quickly without having to invest too much human and material resources. Products can include: Dual Column DR, portable DR, suspended DR, mobile Dr, etc.


After the products are developed and confirmed, Airay can directly send all the spare parts needed for the solution to the customer, who can assemble in their own country. The benefit of this is not only to help customers save tariffs, but more importantly, all products will be manufacutured locally, helping the government solve the employment problem. This will be the first choice for government public hospitals and greatly improve the competitiveness of products. Also, as the products are locally produced, the spare parts will be kept locally, which will improve the after-sales service and enhance the satisfaction of final customers.