DR should be self-improvement: Chinese power leading the world

November 22, 2021

The American Radiology Management Authority AHRA (American Society for Radiological Medical Image Management) awarded the 2019 Best Technology Innovation Award for Dynamic Photography in 2019.

AHRA believes that dynamic photography technology will bring more help to the clinic in the imaging of chest motion function, joint imaging, including cervical spine, lumbar spine, elbow joint, shoulder joint and other parts. The subsequent image evaluation is more reliable.

But did you know?

Dynamic photography technology has long been popular in our country! Multi-functional dynamic DR for batch centralized procurement has become an important force in my country’s DR procurement market. According to public information, in 2018, my country’s dynamic DR shipments were about 2,400 units, accounting for about 15% of the annual DR sales. Although there have been divergent opinions about dynamic DR, and many grassroots hospitals have reported that they have bought “fake” dynamic DR, it cannot be denied that the trend of dynamic DR has become a reality, and a new DR era has come! This article will give you a detailed interpretation of DR, dynamic DR and the “jewel in the crown” suspended dynamic DR.