The DR upgrade solution aims to use a more advanced digital X-ray flat panel detector to replace the imaging device or equipment or components of the customer’s existing X-ray machine. By doing so, the X-ray machine will rejuvenate and obtain high-definition digital X-ray medical images. In addition, it can create higher economic and social effects for customers by improving diagnosis efficiency and patient circulation rate. The upgrade solution includes four major steps. The first step is initial demand communication with customer, the second step is investigation on the current device, the third step is the further communications of customer demand, DR upgrade solution design, development and processing, and the fourth step is the implementation and maintenance of DR upgrade solution.

Information about your current device

  • Brand and Model
  • Images of the device
  • High-voltage Generator
  • X-ray Tube Information
  • SID Range Information
  • FPD Information
  • Detector Installation Mechanism or Installation Space

Customer Requirements

  • Imaging Size
  • Scintillator
  • Basic Performance
  • Detector Categories
  • Detector Number(Single Machine)
  • Image Acquisition PC
  • Other Requirements