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CNT-X (CNT Technologies Limited) has successfully developed new generation technologies of carbon nanotube (CNT)-based cold cathode X-ray sources, which change the competitive landscapes of global X-ray imaging industry. The company is currently the only supplier in the world that can provide high performance and long lifespan CNT X-ray tubes and whole equipment as well as the best solutions available for non-medical and medical X-ray imaging applications.

Building Complete Systems at Regulatory Standards

CNT-X has been working with Shenzhen Research Institute of Electronic Sciences to develop cold cathode X-ray source technologies and will continue for more co-operation projects with more research institutions. It is expanding its technical and engineering team to further expanding R&D capabilities.

CNT-X has established a complete system in line with China's regulatory requirements from R & D, production, certification, quality control to service. It has all necessary production and testing equipment that complies with certification requirement and approved production. CNT-X has built comprehensive capabilities for manufacturing all major types of products.

CNT-X continues to build a complete system that complies with US and EU regulatory requirements.

Expanding to Global Market and Image-based AI Services

X-ray imaging market is a global one. China market accounts for about 20% of the global medical imaging market and about 30% of the global industrial application market. Because of the population size and world factory status, China market has shown a high growth rate, which provided opportunities for CNT-X in its early stage. CNT-X will continue to serve China market while expanding internationally. CNT-X will also expand from manufacturing of products to provide artificial intelligence (AI) imaging services (industrial intelligence and medical imaging AI services) leveraging on its innovative technologies and new types of equipment.

CNT-X has established facilities in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other cities in Southern China and is expanding its business globally. It plans to set up operations in Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and other parts of the world.